Introduction to Painting on Silk


I have assembled all the information I use in my classes for beginners and made it into an e-book.  This is supplied in the form of a PDF document for easy reading and printing and has several links to videos which help demonstrate techniques more fully.
It starts by discussing the materials required and how things you have around the house can be adapted to suit, rather than buying lots of expensive new equipment. In the second chapter we get you started outlining a simple project (Serti technique) and painting your very first silk project …

We then learn all about mixing the basic primary colors to get a full range of hues and proceed to learning about the exciting textures you can achieve on silk, which I think is one of the most exciting aspects of Silk Painting.

A further section shows a way to paint without the use of outliners…

Finally you find out how to fix the silk dyes so that your work can be washed and discuss different ways of displaying and framing your silk paintings.


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