Introduction to Watercolour


Ever fancied having a go at watercolor but not known where to start? Don’t want to buy too much expensive equipment? Then this course is just for you.  It will take you from those first tentative strokes through to some completed paintings using just a few tubes of paint, one brush and some decent paper.  My method ensures you grasp the basics before rushing on to more complex techniques those avoiding the frustration of not knowing how to achieve your goals.My aim is to

    • EXPLAIN why it is important to use good quality materials from day one
    • GUIDE you through basic brush strokes and laying washes
    • ENCOURAGE you to develop good habits as you go along
    • SHARE an understanding of tone and how important it is to good watercolors
    • DEMONSTRATE mixing color and making color work for you
    • SHOW how to put what you learn into real paintings
    • ALLOW you to make mistakes and learn from them
    • But above all …make sure you ENJOY the journey
Packed with close up photos so you can see exactly what to do, and with clear concise instructions all the way. This e-book will be published in parts, the first three are available now, with more to follow soon. Take a look at the video below to see what is included.  Add this to your cart and it will be downloaded to your computer.



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